Love Needs No Translation


As our vacation to Costa Rica ends, I am reminded of so many things that are most important in life.

Nothing is More Important than Family

We spent two weeks here with Gerardo’s mom to help take care of her and help her to heal and recover. Just making her favorite foods and helping her through the day – was a gift. We could only help for a short time, but it gave the rest of her family a break. Every day I was reminded of my own parents and how much I miss them. Taking care of your family is the best gift we have to give.

From left to right: Roger, Doña Flory, Gerardo, and Lideth

Never Take for Granted What We Take for Granted

Living in a small community with running water, electricity, and modern conveniences in the US, there are so many things that I take for granted every day. Yet there are people worldwide who live well but don’t have those things. I think it is amazing how people adapt to what you have, even when it is very little.

A Room With A View

Tranquility is a Privilege

We stayed about 30 feet from a bustling road in a community where every house was protected with bars, high metal fences, and locks on every gate and door. Dogs barking, traffic so loud all day and night, city workers cutting grass at 6 am, and yet it was a very peaceful place with a calmness.

Water Lillies at Papi’s House

Having a Car Changes Everything

Getting anywhere without a car is difficult in a city with few sidewalks. Purchasing a car is a significant cost and one that many cannot afford. With average compensation less than the minimum wage in the US and high car and fuel costs, just buying a used car is a luxury. But it can also change your life, giving you access to things beyond your reach.

Old Toyota 4X4 Parked Across the Street

Work is Just Not That Important

I came here with lofty goals of getting work done. As I don’t speak Spanish fluently, I knew there would be many times when I could sneak away and get a few things off the to-do list. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of how quickly the moments were slipping away and that getting to know my new family was much more important than checking off a few things from the to-do list.

Taking A Break To Play With Jack

As my last day here ends, I will leave here with a better understanding of humanity and what it means to be human. I rubbed Gerardo’s mom on her back and kissed her head yesterday. Coming all this way to show her how much she is loved – these moments in life make all the difference. We may not speak the same language, but love needs no translation.