What has the Pandemic Taken from Me?


Well, it isn’t my freedom.

I still live in the home of the free and the brave. I still get to vote. I still have the right to bare arms – and I got a great tan this summer working in my yard.

My Summer Backyard Project

It isn’t my job.

The pandemic definitely impacted my career. About three months into 2020 I realized that my current career was not going to be practical. As a public speaker and consultant, my entire book of business was frozen. I realized that I had to change jobs or else lose my revenue and eventually my home. I was one of the fortunate ones who was able to find a new job. It may not be what I’m used to, but it is a job.

It isn’t my right to choose.

I choose to wear a mask. I see the nurses struggling to battle in the ER day after day pleading with America to please wear a mask. I see little kids playing on the playground. I pass older Americans on the sidewalks late at night when it finally gets cool. I wear a mask for all of you. Because being a good neighbor, a respectful citizen is important to me. I see the tears in the eyes of the families who have lost loved ones – I can’t ease your pain but I can try to help stop the spread to other loved ones.

It isn’t travel.

I’ve stayed home for 2 years. I haven’t wandered outside the city limits of my hometown except to go to Home Depot or Costco to get supplies. I haven’t stepped on a plane even though my heart yearns to hit the road and see new things and visit friends. I know that all those wonderful places will be there in the years to come. I feel like I will appreciate them so much more if I wait just a little while longer. Besides, I have found great discoveries in my hometown and the surrounding areas that didn’t require me to put anyone at risk. You don’t need to gather with others to explore the great outdoors.

Beautiful Sunflowers Nearby

It isn’t my health.

I got the vaccine – on the list for months, then finally able to boost my immunity against this darkness that has divided a planet. I got the vaccine not only to protect myself but also to protect those around me. You see I deeply care for the rest of us as much as I care for my family. I am healthy enough to get the vaccine so I did. I figure the fastest path back to our lives before is to get the vaccine.

It isn’t my religion.

In a country that usually comes together in times of difficulty, we have allowed this pandemic to further divide us. I don’t care what political party you follow. I could care less what your religion is. We are all people trying to live and survive a virus that is killing so many across the world. Why can we not stand together and fight this?

We have lost sight of what is important.

We are always stronger together than divided. This virus has taken our togetherness, our ability to rally together in the face of adversity. Our children cannot yet be vaccinated. Is that not enough to wear a mask, to choose to BE vaccinated? How can you look into the eyes of a child and not want to protect them? Since when have we decided to put our children at such risk? This virus does not care. It attacks those most vulnerable. And now it is going after the unvaccinated. One death of a child is too many.

This virus has taken not only the lives of millions, but it has also taken the soul of this great country that I love.