Welcome to the Journey to the Authentic You!


In 2014, I developed a workshop that uniquely focused on the concepts of authentic leadership. The workshop was a huge success. Attendees learned about themselves, they shared stories, we cried, and we developed personal development plans on how to bring out our authenticity. Now I am developing the ability to bring this workshop to directly to you online in this unique community!

Authentic leadership is not learning how to become authentic. It is an exploration of the self, with the purpose of understanding what we hold onto in our lives that holds us back. This is why this workshop is so powerful. Think about all the times you have made choices you are not proud of, think about the messages that we tell ourselves that sell us short of our true capabilities. This workshop focuses on eliminating the barriers to your self-confidence which will allow you to become a better leader – the unique leader that you can be, not modeling behaviors of others.

This course combines theories from authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, and authentic psychology with a little philosophy. It also is fused with years of practical experience of authentic leaders. Our goal is to make the journey an enlightening experience that will result in you developing your unique leadership capabilities.

I am looking forward to joining you on this journey!